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Coaching Resources and Laws of The Game

This page is dedicated to Coaching Resources and Laws of The Game. Various documents are available for download below as well as links to various football associations.  


Technical Areas

Please be reminded that the technical area is for players, coaches and managers only. Injured players on crutches, suspended players, wives, girlfriends, mates, kids etc are not permitted to be in this area. 

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2020 Coaching Courses

 The 2020 Coaching Course Calendar is now live on the website,

It is also being promoted on the MFA's Facebook page, MFA on Facebook 

*Updated December 5, 2019 @ 7:55 AM 

MFA Club Visits

Continuing on from 2017 the MFA we will be carrying out club visits (refer to request form link below) for any coach / club who would like some assistance with their teams or clubs who would like to hold a coaching workshops for their coaches. 

Macarthur Football Family - Club Development Program 

Updated 2019 Training Allocations


Hi Collies, 

Due to a few minor changes required to training allocations, please find attached an updated allocations summary.

In summary, changes are as follows:

  • Under 16/2s have directly swapped with 11 Blue on the 10/11s field to eliminate the older boys kicking balls towards the 8/9s field, posing a safety issue to the younger kids.

  • Under 17/1 moving to the south end of Field 2 with the AAL coming to the North. This was done so that should the AALs not train, the team in the spare area in front of Field 2 can quickly slot into the spare area if necessary or the team on 8/9 can move across too (depending on whose turn it is to utilise the space on a rotating basis if the area is vacant)

  • The 8 White team has been included as I didn’t realise that I had not noted them on this part of my spreadsheet.

Download:  Training Allocations Summary Updated 22 May 2019.pdf  

Any queries, let me know.



*Published May 23, 2019 @ 11:30 AM


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WSW Coaching Clinics

Sydney FC Coaching Clinics

Sydney FC Coaching Clinics


Sydney FC Coaching Clinics

Sydney FC Coaching Clinics

Sydney FC Coaching Clinics

The FA Respect Campaign: Two Rays

2019 Sin Bin Update




The Macarthur Football Association in association with the MDFRA implemented modified Temporary Dismissals in the 2018 season for junior games. This document sets out the modified application of Temporary Dismissals in MFA competitions for the 2019 season. The application is generally in accordance with the Laws of the Game subject to the modifications as per this document.


Temporary dismissals will apply to all MFA Competitions including M-League. The Temporary dismissal period will be five (5) minutes for all junior matches (excluding SSG) up to and including U16. The Temporary Dismissal Period for all other competitions including M-League will be ten (10) minutes.


The Temporary Dismissals will be implemented as per the Guidelines for temporary dismissals (sin bins) as per the 2018-19 Laws of the Game (LOTG) subject to the following (the applicable guidelines from the LOTG are extracted at the end of this document.

  • Only cautions to players for dissent (YC) will be punished by a temporary dismissal.
  • A player who is cautioned for dissent receives a yellow card and is punished with a temporary dismissal.
  • A player who receives a second caution (YC) will receive a red card for receiving two cautions in the same match. That player takes no further part in the match and cannot be replaced.
  • A caution punished by temporary dismissal will be marked on the match card as a Y2 caution.
  • The temporary dismissal area will be the team’s technical area.

Refer to attached PDF for full detail - 2019 MFA Temporary Dismissal Rule.PDF 

 *Published March 29.03.2019

MFA Suspension Guidelines


With the 2018 season around the corner it is an ideal time to remember that it is paramount that we all respect and allow the officials to adjudicate the game “At All Times” without interjection from coaches, parents or players.

 *Published March 28th 2018  @ 11:15pm